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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Late Night Thoughts & Chaos In Three

I’m an insomniac dreamer
and reality kills the dream
that I can not sleep.

July 2016,3

Full versions of songs:
Definitions of three:
Equivalent to the sum of one and two - one more than two = 3
Definitions of chaos:
A dynamical system exhibits chaos if it has solutions that appear to be quite random and the solutions exhibit sensitive dependence on initial conditions.
“We live in a rainbow of chaos”. Paul Cezanne

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Advice for Roland XP50/60/80 users (*.svq files)

  • Roland XP50 Workstation Advice
!!! For those who still have/made music in SVQ file format on a Roland XP50/60/80 music workstation - the only (win)software that converts SVQ files in the standard midi format (MID) is 'AWAVE Studio' -

Monday, January 27, 2014

Round & Around

Chris Dahlgren was born in New York, NY on Nov. 13, 1961. He began with music on the cello at the age of 6, and later switched to the bass. His earliest experiments with improvisation on the cello brought upon him the wrath of his elementary school music teacher who shouted, “Get out of here Dahlgren- you will never be a musician!” ....
From "REMEMBER JANCSY (Jancy) KÖRRÖSY" concert (photo album) - 30.nov.2013 - ArCub Bucharest.
Info wiki: János Kőrössy

Nicolas Simion (RO) - sax.
Ryan Carniaux (SUA) - tp.
Mircea Tiberian (RO) - pn.
Chris Dahlgren (SUA) - bs.
Drori Mondlak (SUA) - dr.

Photo from "Round and Around" album by Marius G.Mihalache Michel 2013.

(sound of Chris from Ulysses album)
Chris Dahlgren with Mircea Tiberian & John Betch - OpenArt Records / 2009 - comp. Tiberian/ Dahlgren/ Betch.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Featured on Mixcloud

... by Hugo (DJ.Huas) from Netherlands 
Thank you my friend! 
(excerpt from 'But Never Real U' album) Lady in / the Radiator from Netherlands - 
Thank you Lady!... 
(excerpt from 'Trip to 7' album)

Also thank Steven Barber because you have presented the album 'My Bastards' in your show at

17 - 19 sept 2012 - Radio Hall - Godot Cafe-Theater

Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band

Jack Bruce
Jack Bruce - Vocals / Bass / Piano
Tony Remy - Guitar
Frank Tontoh - Drums
Paddy Milner - Piano / Keys
Nick Cohen - Bass
Winston Rollins - Trombone
Derek Nash - Tenor Sax
Paul Newton - Trumpet

About Jack Bruce - Wiki
Anthony Jackson & Yiorgos Fakanas Group

Anthony Jackson & Yorgos Fakanas Group
Anthony Jackson - electric bass
Yorgos Fakanas – electric bass
Takis Paterelis – saxes
Antonis Andreou – trombone
Dimitris Sevdalis – keyboards
Stefanos Dimitriou – drums
Concert gazduit de:
Dracula Bass Festival

'Prin noaptea furtunoasa'
Prof. Coordonator Victoria Dicu - Cursuri Actorie Victoria Art
a prezentat in Godot Cafe-Teatru in 19.sept.2012
'Prin noaptea furtunoasa'
dupa I.L.Caragiale

Ana Maria Popa
Ana Maria Serbu
Andreea Marin
Eduard Dumitrache
Florentina Enache
Letitia Provian

More Photos (first photo in slideshow with Doris Ciortan - actress)

Sunday, September 9, 2012



Tonight 8 pm (cet) EM at Radio Happy  - 9 SEPT 2012 - ORA 21 (RO)  
Tonight music from Adam Innocent Synth, Ina Van Itas,Morphieusmusic Robin Day, Didier Dewachtere, Marius G.Mihalache, Rob Warner, Leonardo Soundweaver, Von Haulshoven, John Palmer and some more.

Playlist  download (vlc, winamp etc)

And if you're in the nearby check this great event! ... ELECTRONIC CIRCUS
Bogenstraße 1-833330 Gütersloh, Germany

One time exclusive show:
With previously unreleased pieces and special highlights out of 30 years

Exclusive World Premiere:
For the first time ever together live on stage:
Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo
Frontiers live

Michael Shipway & Steve Smith

Sankt Otten
Gottes Synthesizer live

Special Guest:
Dominique Perrier Project
Tribute to Space Art

When: 22.09.2012

Where: Alte Weberei Güterloh Germany

Get your tickets here:

Friday, August 24, 2012

ON AIR with Steve at - 25 - 26 august 2012

This weekend, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 august , Dj Steven Barber broadcast on, some of my old songs between the hours of 1 PM (13 GMT in Ro) - this means:
6 -6:45 AM EST (U.S.) or 11-11:45 AM UK, 12-12:45 PM CET & 6 - 6:45 PM CST.

So ... go ON AIR with Steve if you have time and pleasure.

Watch live streaming video from aiiradionet at

About Steven Barber or DJ DesignSteve

Why design? Maybe because Steve was one of the students of Dan Nemţeanu, a well-known Romanian plastic artists, painter and especially scenographer and stage designer. Maybe because Steve has a natural talent, or because he do not feel alive unless express somehow. But better I let Steve to tell more.

``I am an analog and digital designer, illustrator, draftsman, painter, graphic artist, and gamer. I've have an M.F.A. from The Univ. of Iowa Theatres in Scenic Design with an emphasis in Scenic Painting and Sound Design. I earned a B.A. in Drama/Acting at UNC - Pembroke. I have designed sets for plays and musicals, design/build for pay-for-play indoor and outdoor playgrounds, awnings and signage for residential and commercial developments. I have also done graphics and display design for museums, universities and hospitals. Finally, I have done technical illustration for the local power company. I currently do drafting and illustration for an Engineering Consulting Firm. I love music and I listen to about 10 to 12 albums a day while I work. I also do freelance design, illustration and painting when the opportunity arises. I'd rather play games or draw instead of watching TV. I will be adding more drawings and paintings as soon as I can. Please visit me and let me know what you think and tell your friends! ps . . . I'm also known as dj_designsteve @ on Saturdays & Sundays @ 5:30-10 AM EST featuring all indie: space, ambient, electronic, fusion, experimental, dub, jazz, art-rock, progressive, metal and shred! Tune in with me and hear a combination of music that you've never heard before . . . ``

I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Music Influences: EM, space, ambient, art rock, classic rock of the 60's & 70's,
progressive, jazz, fusion, and just about anything with a guitar and a mellotron . . .

This is The Portal for faith, music, art, passion, architecture, design, expression and Yes, more cowbell! Welcome Home! and please NO POLITICS HERE!

Photos/drawings/paintings and

Thanks too Steve!
Thank you

Have Fun!

Marchal Valérie

(from Toulouse - France)

voice improvisation and lyrics: Marchal Valerie
piano improvisation : Marius G.Mihalache Michel

``Singer and background in several groups, exploring reggae, funk, african music, blues or vocal trio.... I especially love studio's work... I guess I'm a bit shy on stage.
I always wrote my own songs even in my different collaborations.  I'm a bad instrumentist, so I use my voice the most of time and some samples or some muscial pieces from others... untill now that wasn't a problem for me to use these musical pieces, because that was quite an intimate work, but henceforth I would like to walk out, to be in the sharing world ;-) so I know that I'll transform these following songs with the musicians I will meet...
All my musical tries are "handmade" with a little conversation microphone, so I beg your ear's indulgence about sound quality.
Hope you'll enjoy anyway !

c'est un papier corné
enroulé dans la main
qu'on froisse
et qu'on déplie
et qu'on refroisse encore

un coin d'incertitudes
c'est un meuble au milieu
contre lequel on s'cogne

un coin d'incertitudes
c'est ni triste
ni gai

c'est une dissonnace
un bémol
un soupir
au creux des mélodies 

(photo and lyrics: Marchal Valerie)

I know Valerie, for many years, she is also photographer ( Val is a very creative person, she improvises a lot in everything he does .. and this is great. She sings, writes poetry, making collages, play instruments...  

Valerie can be found on mixcloud too:

un essai de playlist... 
toutes les chansons et poèmes sont de moi.
les musiques sont des petits bouts extraits de morceaux dont j'indique l'artiste sur chaque titre, sauf "en noyau d'existence" musique entière et composée par Marius G Mihalache Michel***
merci Michel

All the little mantras written, composed and sung by myself
transition : Doug Walker

each language has his own sound, his own life, his own poetry...
and i like this ! :-)

DJ. HUAS - The Insiders part 1

DJ Huas made me a pleasant surprise including a song of mine in his mix.
Thank you Huas!

About DJ. HUAS - Nieuwegein - Netherlands

``Music is for me the essence of life.
I have been collecting music for about 30 years now. I am into all kinds of music. From jazz to metal, from indie tot singer songwriters and from electronic music to acoustic.
Besides music i love to read, almost all titles of my mixes have been based upon a book i've read.
Music is the perfect way to connect people from all over the world of all races, religions or ethical background. Music is the way to peace and happiness for everyone.
Music is love and love is the message.``

This mix contains only tracks or remixes from my fellow Mixclouders. Thank you all for your support and letting me use your tracks.
The inspiration for this mix first came from the collaboration mix between Sounds by JB and Marius G Mihalache Michel. A brilliant mix you guys. After some well chosen words from mr. iDio7 $AV4N7 the final idea came thru. Thanks without you three this mix would never exist.``

News from Cloud:

!!! The Collective - Part 2: The Celebration of Mu Mu by DJ Sounds by JB
Another beautiful collaboration staged by Jan Boerlage (DJ Sounds by JB) which has invited a few great DJs from mixcloud ...
Mr ChrisScottieboyukHuasGMLAB, REDNOTE.

Other great mixes!

See the Signs


Se calmer en rêvant


Abstrait 56


Jazzed Frequencies @ Cod Funk on Groove ON Radio.

By    (Romania)                                                                           

Theater & Film Festivals 2012 (july - aug 2012)

'Anonimul' International Film Festival 
Sf. Gheorghe - Tulcea - Romania 16-12 august 2012

Vocea Filmelor - emisiune cu Irina Nistor (podcast)
Invitata Florina Dumitrache
Bloggerii acreditati la Festivalului International de Film Independent Anonimul au acordat un Premiu special Florinei Dumitrache pentru filmul 'Reuniune de familie'.

photo:Bogdan Botofei

Actor principal: Serban Pavlu
Regie: Florina Dumitrache
Asistent reg
ie: Andrei Georgescu
Imagine (DoP): Adriana Craciunescu
Asistent 1 imagine (focus puller) : Alexandra Carastoian
Asistent 2 imagine: Andrei Petre
Scenariu: Georgiana Constantin

un articol simpatic despre festival pe blogul Cristinei Bazavan - S'MPA

Photos by Marius G.Mihalache Michel - Impressum Danube Delta:

Intr-un loc magic, unde Dunarea intalneste Marea Neagra, festivalul de film Anonimul, este asteptat si anul acesta, potrivit traditiei, sa-si deschida portile. Timp de 8 ani i-a cucerit pe cinefili cu peisajul pitoresc, cu atmosfera idilica dar mai presus de orice cu pelicule elitiste. Si nici editia din acest an nu va face exceptie. Asadar, incepand de lunea viitoare, sunteti asteptati la Sfantu Gheorghe, in Delta Dunarii, unde pentru o saptamana o sa pasiti in afara timpului, cufundati in lumea fictiva a filmului. Florin Piersic Jr, amfitrionul festivalului, si Miruna Berescu, director Anonimul.
sursa - (Antena 1 - video)

photo michel:

spot festival

'Ariel' International Theater Festival 
Rm.Valcea, Romania 22-29 July 2012

Fotografii din spectacolul 'Insecta' - regia Marina Cristina Mălâia
cu actrita Stefania Dumitru (One-Woman Show)
Sunet si Lumini : Pripas Adrian Nicolae
Andreea Scrociob (asistent regie)
Cristian Gombosanu - ajutor de nepretuit
Produs de teatrul Ariel sub patronajul doamnei Doina Migleczi

Photos by Marius G.Mihalache Michel:

Link to Facebook Album

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The beauty of this collaboration with Jan was to finding some moments that really meant something for us. I remembered my first scare during a movie. The first love. Adolescence. One of the films for which I have skipping from school. The first popcorn at a series B movie. But also the first film composers that sparked my interest in this field. First meeting with the music of Vangelis, Michel Jarre, Francis Lai, Vladimir Cosma, Mancini, Morricone, or extraordinary meeting with the art of Kurt Weill. And now with JB.
So...JB...Thank you so much for this idea of collaboration!

JB, or Jan Boerlage, is a very kind person from Netherlands. I followed his work for a long time... but... apart of all these he began writing music at age 11 and in the same time he started DJ-ing and be active in this area for an extended period. After his journey through life took a small detour. like of mine also,  he came back, and now his work can be found on Mixcloud.
I recommend it!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's because

It's because I love you
Not because were far apart
It's because I love you
And because your near my heart
It's because I miss you
Oh how long it seems to be
It's because I miss you
Thoughts of you come back to me
Once we walked together
From the fields up to the door
Promised love forever
I remember that day still
It's because I love you
I'll come home to you one day
It's because I love you
In my thoughts you'll always stay

Ooh, Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be....