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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The beauty of this collaboration with Jan was to finding some moments that really meant something for us. I remembered my first scare during a movie. The first love. Adolescence. One of the films for which I have skipping from school. The first popcorn at a series B movie. But also the first film composers that sparked my interest in this field. First meeting with the music of Vangelis, Michel Jarre, Francis Lai, Vladimir Cosma, Mancini, Morricone, or extraordinary meeting with the art of Kurt Weill. And now with JB.
So...JB...Thank you so much for this idea of collaboration!

JB, or Jan Boerlage, is a very kind person from Netherlands. I followed his work for a long time... but... apart of all these he began writing music at age 11 and in the same time he started DJ-ing and be active in this area for an extended period. After his journey through life took a small detour. like of mine also,  he came back, and now his work can be found on Mixcloud.
I recommend it!

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