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Cinematic Art Forms - Creative Concepts & Production Management
Company Overview
We are a production company, interested in using visual language in order to create projects, witch have a leading concept behind them.

Uri Moss - producer
Andrei Barbu - writer / director
Marius G. Mihalache - dop / post production / music
Alexei Gubenco - director / 3D artist

Based in Canary Islands / Bucharest
, films, events, music videos, visuals

(school acting classes as a Photographer and Cinematographer)


Official photographer of Irish Dance Workshop 2011
29-30 october 2011, Bucharest.
Irish Dance Worksop Photos on Facebook - day 1 A
Video editor of advertasing clip for the theater play "Eu Cainele" directed by Adrian Berinde. 
Distributia:Victor Vurtejanu si Cristina Plesa
regia :Adrian Berinde
Dupa "Buzunarul cu paine" de Matei Visniec

Official photographer of ETniKA Jazz Festival 2011
Jazz-ETnIKA Page on Facebook
Impressum about ETnIKA Jazz Festival 2011
Official photographer of Synergy Tour 2011
Synergy photos on Facebook page
Filming with Adam Ableman (Mazurka), Andrew Johnson and Josh Uzendoski for a documentary about three weeks tour of Synergy.

Synergy Tour 2011 Documentary Trailer from Transonic Workshop on Vimeo.

Music: Estate - Blow J courtesy of Mullet Records (P) $ (C)
Illustrations By: Linnea Marie Doyle
Edited by: Josh Johnson at Transonic
Motion Graphics by: Josh Johnson at Transonic
Video Shot by: Adam Ableman (Mazurk), Marius G.Mihalache, Andrew Uzendoski, Josh Johnson,

Featuring The Luiza Zan & Rick Condit Quartet (bossa nova), Dena (rock/blues/reggae/funk), Estate (synth pop/dance/electro), and Switzerlind (bossa nova/dutch pop/jungle multi-instrumentalism), audiences around the country will remember these events for years to come. Starting in Bucharest, we will be journeying to Brasov, Sfantu Gheorghe, Targu Mures, Sibiu, and more.
Official Page of Synergy Tour 2011


BOARDVIP member of Romanian Guitarist Community Forums


Jury of International Music/Competition Aici Semenic 2007 Festival 

Jury of International Music/Competition Aici Severin 2008 Festival





International Film Festival Hyperion 2008 (place two  in Photography competition & one film in festival)
International Film Festival "Cinema Iubit" 2008 (one film in competition)
International Film Festival IPIFF 2008 (one film in competition and official photographer)
International Film Festival IPIFF 2009  (four film in competition and official cameraman/photographer - staff person)
International Film Festival IPIFF 2009  (one film in competition)
International Film Festival Hyperion 2010 (one film in competition) 
International Film Festival IPIFF 2010  (one film in competition)
International Film Festival Future Movie - Galati 2010  (First place fiction section with "Caruselul")





2009 - CYFER - "COLOR" - CD cover

George Baicea  

Vintage Stories : Jamming in Germany (audio CD)

photo by Marius G.Mihalache

cover design by Alexandru Andries

Stealth - Made In Romania (DVD)

filmmaker, photos & cover design Marius G.Mihalache


 Video AND Slideshows

video 1 extract

video 2 extract



(personal work)

2005 - Old Time Piano

2008 - Statuile ce mor... ce vor?

2008 - Pinwheel

2009 - LandEscape

2009 - Alba Carolina

2009 - Ion Truica - portrait

2010 - Without End (fara sfarsit) kodak color - fiction



2008 - Parkour - documentary
2008 - Pinwheel - videoclip
2009 - Portrait on a actress - portrait - Ioana Bercaru (directed by Veronica A.Cara)
2009 - Fingerprints - (Amprente) - fiction - directed by Cristina Marina Malaia.
2009 - Ion Dumitru - Portrait - directed by Alexandra Botau.
2009 - Almoust Free - fiction - (Aproape Libera) directed by Dana Bortolini
2009 - Dunitru - videoclip - directed by Andrei Amarfoaie & Bobo Burlacianu

2009 - TruicArt - video animation
2010 - Eva - Fiction - directed by Dana Vlad
2010 - Dragostea ucide - directed by Catalin Mitran
2010- Vorbeste cu mine - Fiction - directed by Adriana Craciunescu.
2010 - Caruselul - Fiction - directed by Cristina Marina Malaia.

2010-2011 - Zestrea - directed by Ana Cristina Iacob - Short Film Corner on Cannes Festival




Anton Pann
Expo Aurelia Matei
Cu ce mergem in america
Secta femeilor
Richard III
Claudiu Bleont
Eu Cainele 




(lights and camera, scenography, first assistant director, photography or poster designer)


2009 - It's about rain (Sta sa ploua) - directed by Veronica A.Cara


Sta sa ploua
dupa un scenariu de Lia Bugnar
Regia: Veronica A. Cara
Peti - Rucsandra Nedelcu
Gena - Luiza Ionescu
Cuce - Luciana Popa
Paul - Paul Alexandru
Aparitii scenice : Ioana Bercaru, Daniel Popescu
Light design & poster: Marius G.Mihalache

Bucuresti 19 iunie 2009


2009 - Crisis (Crize) - directed by Cristina Marina Malaia

 (photo by Adriana Craciunescu - design of the poster and sound designer Marius G.Mihalache)

one song from sountrack was "Song about no Me"


2009 - Word Story - (Povestea Vorbii) and Persians - (Persii)

(directed by Tomi Cristin and Ana-Maria Lazar)



2009 - With what do we go to America (Cu ce mergem in America) - Photographer

directed by Tomi Cristin


 2009 - Why You?  

(De ce tocmai tu?) Photographer


2009 - The Bald Singer by Eugen Ionesco (Cantareata cheala) directed by Crista Bilciu - Photographers and directors of photography

(Marius G.Mihalache & Adriana Craciunescu)


2010 - Secta Femeilor - directed by Toma Enache

  • Program specification  (caiet program)



2010- Richard III - directed by Toma Enache

  • Program specification  (caiet program)



2011 - AVARUL - directed by Nitoi Daniel

          • Program specification  (caiet program) 



Original Music composed for THEATER.

(music & sound design)


2010 - Experimentul HAMLET - directed by Crista Balciu

Regia: Crista Bilciu 
Coregrafia: Daniela Hasiade 
Costumele: Maria Tache
Original Music : Marius G. Mihalache

Cu: Anda Saltelechi, Cristian Neacsu, Irina Enache, Lavinia Mateescu, George Cretu, Cristian Rus, Lucian Ianus

Durata: 1h 30’



2010 - "Un tramvai numit dorinta"- (A streetcar named desire)

  - directed by Cristian Georgescu

 de Tennessee Williams
Regia: Cristian Georgescu 

Asistent regie Ancuta Clim
Scenografia: Bogdan Mosorescu
Light-desgn Catalin Nicolescu
Original Music & Sound-design Marius G. Mihalache
Produs de Stefan Cobori & Belle Rêve

Cu: Luiza Ionescu, Alex Calangiu, Ana Maria Carablais, Ciprian Nemesiu, Rucsandra Nelepcu, Mihai Ripan, Walid Elleathey

Durata spectacolului: 2h 30’




Original Music composed for FILM

2010 - Without End - directed by Marius G.Mihalache
2011 - Camp cu maci - directed by Iliana Dumitrache
2011 - REM  directed by Doris Ciortan (postproduction)



 In this compilation I have played with the band SAHARA a remake of "Purple Haze".