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Friday, August 24, 2012

Marchal Valérie

(from Toulouse - France)

voice improvisation and lyrics: Marchal Valerie
piano improvisation : Marius G.Mihalache Michel

``Singer and background in several groups, exploring reggae, funk, african music, blues or vocal trio.... I especially love studio's work... I guess I'm a bit shy on stage.
I always wrote my own songs even in my different collaborations.  I'm a bad instrumentist, so I use my voice the most of time and some samples or some muscial pieces from others... untill now that wasn't a problem for me to use these musical pieces, because that was quite an intimate work, but henceforth I would like to walk out, to be in the sharing world ;-) so I know that I'll transform these following songs with the musicians I will meet...
All my musical tries are "handmade" with a little conversation microphone, so I beg your ear's indulgence about sound quality.
Hope you'll enjoy anyway !

c'est un papier corné
enroulé dans la main
qu'on froisse
et qu'on déplie
et qu'on refroisse encore

un coin d'incertitudes
c'est un meuble au milieu
contre lequel on s'cogne

un coin d'incertitudes
c'est ni triste
ni gai

c'est une dissonnace
un bémol
un soupir
au creux des mélodies 

(photo and lyrics: Marchal Valerie)

I know Valerie, for many years, she is also photographer ( Val is a very creative person, she improvises a lot in everything he does .. and this is great. She sings, writes poetry, making collages, play instruments...  

Valerie can be found on mixcloud too:

un essai de playlist... 
toutes les chansons et poèmes sont de moi.
les musiques sont des petits bouts extraits de morceaux dont j'indique l'artiste sur chaque titre, sauf "en noyau d'existence" musique entière et composée par Marius G Mihalache Michel***
merci Michel

All the little mantras written, composed and sung by myself
transition : Doug Walker

each language has his own sound, his own life, his own poetry...
and i like this ! :-)

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