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Thursday, September 22, 2011

ETnIKA Jazz Festival - Impressum

Very special days for me at "Etnika Jazz Festival" in Vama -Veche / Black Sea, Romania. 
There have been many jazz bands and personalities of the genre - Luiza Zan, Petra Acker, Jimmy Cserkesz, Johnny King, Berti Barbera, Eduard Jak Numann, Ana Cristina Leonte, Fodor Réka.

The festival has been however covered by musicians from different genres of music, like funk by "Slang", reggae & folk by "Johnny King & Alex Muntz", flamenco by "Ritmo del Flamenco".

'Vama Veche' in this time of year, September, reminds me of a far away period in which this place was not so populated as it is now during the summer.

Was very pleasant and relaxing in those four days of the festival. Of course I was there to work as a photographer. from 5 o'clock in the afternoon until around 2 o'clock at night... and I was pretty sick... but it was still nice. 

I prepared a lot of photos captured in concerts and that take up a lot of my time....but... I did every day short sea shore rides with my bike... yeah... the sea smells so good in September. 

For the first time in my life I lived in a caravan. I even had a hammock in front of the caravan, I cooked in the shared kitchen, and I enjoy life without too many worries for a few days. It was great! 


I hope that these events to follow their course. The next step is a tour that is scheduled to take place in January somewhere in the mountains.

So... Good luck and congratulations to Jimmy Cserkesz initiative to organize the festival.

(BLACK SEA - Vama Veche)

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