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Monday, January 27, 2014

Round & Around

Chris Dahlgren was born in New York, NY on Nov. 13, 1961. He began with music on the cello at the age of 6, and later switched to the bass. His earliest experiments with improvisation on the cello brought upon him the wrath of his elementary school music teacher who shouted, “Get out of here Dahlgren- you will never be a musician!” ....
From "REMEMBER JANCSY (Jancy) KÖRRÖSY" concert (photo album) - 30.nov.2013 - ArCub Bucharest.
Info wiki: János Kőrössy

Nicolas Simion (RO) - sax.
Ryan Carniaux (SUA) - tp.
Mircea Tiberian (RO) - pn.
Chris Dahlgren (SUA) - bs.
Drori Mondlak (SUA) - dr.

Photo from "Round and Around" album by Marius G.Mihalache Michel 2013.

(sound of Chris from Ulysses album)
Chris Dahlgren with Mircea Tiberian & John Betch - OpenArt Records / 2009 - comp. Tiberian/ Dahlgren/ Betch.

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