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Friday, August 24, 2012

DJ. HUAS - The Insiders part 1

DJ Huas made me a pleasant surprise including a song of mine in his mix.
Thank you Huas!

About DJ. HUAS - Nieuwegein - Netherlands

``Music is for me the essence of life.
I have been collecting music for about 30 years now. I am into all kinds of music. From jazz to metal, from indie tot singer songwriters and from electronic music to acoustic.
Besides music i love to read, almost all titles of my mixes have been based upon a book i've read.
Music is the perfect way to connect people from all over the world of all races, religions or ethical background. Music is the way to peace and happiness for everyone.
Music is love and love is the message.``

This mix contains only tracks or remixes from my fellow Mixclouders. Thank you all for your support and letting me use your tracks.
The inspiration for this mix first came from the collaboration mix between Sounds by JB and Marius G Mihalache Michel. A brilliant mix you guys. After some well chosen words from mr. iDio7 $AV4N7 the final idea came thru. Thanks without you three this mix would never exist.``

News from Cloud:

!!! The Collective - Part 2: The Celebration of Mu Mu by DJ Sounds by JB
Another beautiful collaboration staged by Jan Boerlage (DJ Sounds by JB) which has invited a few great DJs from mixcloud ...
Mr ChrisScottieboyukHuasGMLAB, REDNOTE.

Other great mixes!

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By    (Romania)                                                                           

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