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Friday, August 24, 2012

ON AIR with Steve at - 25 - 26 august 2012

This weekend, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 august , Dj Steven Barber broadcast on, some of my old songs between the hours of 1 PM (13 GMT in Ro) - this means:
6 -6:45 AM EST (U.S.) or 11-11:45 AM UK, 12-12:45 PM CET & 6 - 6:45 PM CST.

So ... go ON AIR with Steve if you have time and pleasure.

Watch live streaming video from aiiradionet at

About Steven Barber or DJ DesignSteve

Why design? Maybe because Steve was one of the students of Dan Nemţeanu, a well-known Romanian plastic artists, painter and especially scenographer and stage designer. Maybe because Steve has a natural talent, or because he do not feel alive unless express somehow. But better I let Steve to tell more.

``I am an analog and digital designer, illustrator, draftsman, painter, graphic artist, and gamer. I've have an M.F.A. from The Univ. of Iowa Theatres in Scenic Design with an emphasis in Scenic Painting and Sound Design. I earned a B.A. in Drama/Acting at UNC - Pembroke. I have designed sets for plays and musicals, design/build for pay-for-play indoor and outdoor playgrounds, awnings and signage for residential and commercial developments. I have also done graphics and display design for museums, universities and hospitals. Finally, I have done technical illustration for the local power company. I currently do drafting and illustration for an Engineering Consulting Firm. I love music and I listen to about 10 to 12 albums a day while I work. I also do freelance design, illustration and painting when the opportunity arises. I'd rather play games or draw instead of watching TV. I will be adding more drawings and paintings as soon as I can. Please visit me and let me know what you think and tell your friends! ps . . . I'm also known as dj_designsteve @ on Saturdays & Sundays @ 5:30-10 AM EST featuring all indie: space, ambient, electronic, fusion, experimental, dub, jazz, art-rock, progressive, metal and shred! Tune in with me and hear a combination of music that you've never heard before . . . ``

I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Music Influences: EM, space, ambient, art rock, classic rock of the 60's & 70's,
progressive, jazz, fusion, and just about anything with a guitar and a mellotron . . .

This is The Portal for faith, music, art, passion, architecture, design, expression and Yes, more cowbell! Welcome Home! and please NO POLITICS HERE!

Photos/drawings/paintings and

Thanks too Steve!
Thank you

Have Fun!

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